Price is per person. LRX & RTX cannot be mixed on the track.
Membership & Headsock included.

5 Minute Race - LRX

(51.18″ or taller)







7 Minute Race - RTX

(55″ or taller)







Grand Prix Racing

Friday & Saturday 8:00 P.M.

1 Race
7 minutes


On our tracks you will experience real racing (not an amusement ride). DO NOT RACE if you are pregnant, or have medical issues including neck, back, seizures, or
heart problems. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if it is safe for you to race.

Before The Race:

• ALL drivers must complete an Adrenaline Rush waiver to race. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign it. Photo ID is required.

• Minimum Height requirement is 55” for Adult Karts and 51.18″ for Junior Karts.

• Racers must watch the safety video before racing. If you have any questions about the safety video, please ask the staff.

• Anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to race.

• All drivers must be able to wear a provided helmet and fit in the kart seat with the safety harness attached.

• For your safety, long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail and tucked into your shirt. Loose clothing must be secured.

• Open toed shoes are not allowed while racing. We have loaners and fresh socks for purchase.

• Personal belongings are not permitted in the kart. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. During the race…

• Seat belt must be fastened before kart is turned on. Remain seated and inside your kart at all times while on the course. After your race, stay in your kart until you are told that you may rise.

• Drivers must always follow staff instructions and pay attention to flags.

• While racing, if you are shown the blue flag, pull to the right as soon as it’s safe to do so and let the faster kart pass you on the left.

• Indoor kart racing is a non-contact sport. We do not tolerate any bumping or blocking of go karts. Crashing or bumping into karts or barriers is not allowed (even while attempting to pass). The speed on an offender’s kart will be reduced for one or more laps. Repeat offenders will be ejected with no refund.

• Karts will only reach maximum speed if every driver on the track has full control of their karts. (no bumping, no crashing, no spinning out) Have Fun. Drive Safe.